How the AIDA Model Works For REALTORS®

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    on 5 June 2022

The AIDA Model is one of the oldest models in advertising, and the most well-known ad copywriting formula. Would you believe the AIDA model dates back to the late 1800s!
For those of you who are new to the acronym, it stands for:

A: Attention

I: Interest

D: Desire

A: Action

And if this is new to you, fear not. You’ve probably put it to use without even realizing it. Apparently, as much as the world has changed, human nature hasn’t.
So how can REALTORS® benefit from this timeless tactic?
Smart agents know to use the AIDA model when writing their listing descriptions. Even more successful agents apply these strategies to all aspects of their business and marketing.
So how can you? Let’s break it down…


First and foremost, if you want to grab your prospect’s attention, you must know your prospect. Knowing your target audience is arguably the #1 rule in sales of any kind. How will you know what to say if you don’t know who you’re talking to?
Once you’ve figured that out… Think about what makes them tick.
Are you focused on investors that will be drawn in by an interesting statistic, or are you working in an area best suited for long-term homeowners looking for a family-friendly community? Are you targeting veterans, retirees, or those looking to downsize?
Fortunately, target market aside, there are a few general guidelines you can follow.
You want to entice by being bold, compelling, and unique. There can be a bit of dramatic flair as long as it’s honest. Honesty is a must.
Consider these attention-grabbing ideas…
For your MLS listing descriptions: While keeping your ideal prospect in mind, grab their attention by starting with the most beneficial promise or feature. It’ll stir up emotions and encourage them to keep reading. What makes this house unique? Is it an interior or exterior feature? Is it the location or the community?
For your marketing: Photos can grab attention, which is one of the many reasons it’s wise to hire a professional. Words can captivate, too, so it’s wise to consider hiring a professional copywriter who specializes in real estate.
Believe it or not…
In addition to attracting new prospects, successful attention-grabbing tactics help keep existing clients. Keep your past clients active by attracting their attention, and they’ll land you referrals, social media shares, and repeat business.


As tricky as it can be to catch someone’s eye, it’s an even bigger challenge keeping it. A storytelling approach would serve you well at this stage. A success story, for example, would help prospects imagine their own problems being solved.
Consider these tips for sparking interest…
In your MLS listing descriptions: Give them more information on the promise you made them in your hook, or your attention-grabbing opening. They’ve made a connection, so justify their feelings with some rationalization. Describe features in a way the photos can’t. A photo can show a nice back yard, but it can’t remind them to imagine their spring mornings with a fresh cup of coffee listening to the birds chirp. A photo can show an empty nook, but your words can paint the picture of a coffee bar, a built-in desk, a reading corner, or a Pinterest-worthy “command center” for family organization.
In your marketing: Remember that you can create interest in more than a home for sale… You can generate interest in your business, which will help build your brand and customer loyalty.


Show your clients and prospects that you can help make their dreams come true. This is a good time to transition from general perks to very specific benefits, and you want to do so without overstating or exaggerating. As mentioned at the attention stage, honesty is key throughout each stage of the AIDA model.
Spark desire by really tapping into emotions. Make home buyers wonder, “How have I lived anywhere else?”
Lastly, think “fab” like fabulous to remember FAB for “features and benefits.” Give the facts and describe the features, but don’t expect your prospects to work out the benefits for themselves. State the benefits clearly.


When it comes to your call to action (CTA), you must be sure to make it EASY! Don’t make anyone search for your CTA by hiding it in the middle or letting it blend in with the rest of your copy.
Also make the language easy. Use everyday words instead of any real estate jargon. Many people don’t know what “MLS” is or means and even fewer know what a CMA is.
There are many ways to drive action. Among the many are:

  • Schedule a free consultation
  • Click this link to schedule an appointment
  • Sign up for the open house
  • Schedule a private showing
  • Download a free guide or ebook
  • Subscribe to a newsletter

Notice a similarity among them all? There is an action verb at the beginning of each. Action words drive motion. Click here… Find out… Sign up…
Explore… Download… Connect… Etc!
Believe it or not…
A ton of REALTORS® skip this step, so by doing ANYTHING, you’re already a step ahead. Go above and beyond by offering something of value.

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