Where affiliate marketing and social media collide.

Welcome to the Copy and Post Affiliate Program, where affiliate marketing and social media collide to create a powerful and lucrative partnership.

As an Affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn a 25% recurring commission on every sale generated through your unique referral link or coupon code. With our program, you can leverage your social media presence and marketing skills to promote our innovative social media marketing platform and earn substantial recurring commissions.

Whether you are a social media influencer, blogger, member or online marketer, our Affiliate Program offers an exciting opportunity to monetize your audience and grow your income stream.

Review our step-by-step process of becoming an Affiliate and how to maximize your earnings with our program. So, let's get started!

Earn passive income with our recurring commission affiliate program.

As an Affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn a 25% recurring commission on every sale.
Step 1

Sign up and wait for the green light! We'll review your application and give you the thumbs up to start spreading the word about our awesome services.

Step 2

Share using your unique link and get creative with our ready-made marketing materials. Whether you're a social media manager, real estate virtual assistant or a influencer, we've got you covered with all the tools you need to succeed.

Step 3

Sit back, relax, and watch the commission roll in! You'll earn a whopping 25% on every sale made through your referral link - and the best part? You'll keep earning that commission every single month. It's like the gift that keeps on giving!

Start earning today!

Remember, these are just examples and your actual earnings will depend on the number of customers you refer and their subscription status. But with our generous 25% recurring commission, the potential for earning extra income is definitely worth exploring.


With 10 customers who pay $25/month at 25% commission you could earn $60 per month. That's enough to treat yourself to a fancy dinner or put some extra cash in your pocket.


With 100 customers, you could earn $625 per month. That's like having an extra paycheck every month!


With 500 customers, you could earn $3,125 per month. That's some serious dough, and you could use it to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, or take that dream vacation you've been wanting.

Check out the Fine-Print and the Nitty-Gritty of our Affiliate Program

We know the fine print can be daunting, but we promise it's worth it! Our Affiliate Program Agreement outlines all the nitty-gritty details of our program, including commission rates, payment terms, and prohibited activities. As a responsible affiliate, it's important to be familiar with our guidelines and expectations. So, take a few minutes to review the agreement and get ready to start earning with Copy and Post!

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