How To Become a Real Estate Agent In Alabama

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    on 6 September 2023

Alabama, with its diverse landscapes and growing real estate market, offers promising opportunities for individuals looking to embark on this rewarding journey.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and requirements to become a licensed real estate agent in the heart of the Deep South, Alabama.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the industry or an aspiring professional seeking a change, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to kickstart your real estate career in Yellowhammer State.

How Do I Become a Real Estate Agent in Alabama?

Alabama’s diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to serene countryside, offer an array of opportunities in the real estate market. 

Whether you’re a newcomer to the industry or a seasoned professional seeking a fresh start, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps and requirements to become a licensed real estate agent in Yellowhammer State.

Step 1: Meet the Eligibility Requirements

Before you dive into the world of real estate, it’s essential to ensure you meet Alabama’s eligibility criteria:

  • Age: You must be at least 19 years old to apply for a real estate license in Alabama.
  • Legal Residency: Applicants should either be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents.
  • High School Diploma: A high school diploma or equivalent is required.

Step 2: Complete Required Pre-License Education.

Alabama mandates that aspiring real estate agents complete a state-approved pre-license course. 

This course covers essential topics such as real estate principles, practices, and laws. 

You can choose from various accredited institutions offering these courses, both in-person and online. The course typically consists of around 60 hours of instruction.

Step 3: Pass the Alabama Real Estate Exam

After completing the pre-license education, the next step is to pass the Alabama Real Estate Salesperson Exam. 

The exam assesses your knowledge of real estate laws, regulations, and best practices. It’s crucial to thoroughly prepare for this exam through self-study or by enrolling in exam prep courses offered by real estate schools.

Step 4: Find a Sponsoring Broker.

In Alabama, newly licensed real estate agents must affiliate with a licensed real estate broker. 

The sponsoring broker will provide guidance, mentorship, and a platform to conduct real estate transactions. Choosing the right broker is essential, so research and interviews are key to finding the best fit for your career goals.

Step 5: Submit Your License Application.

With your pre-license education, exam pass certificate, and a sponsoring broker secured, it’s time to submit your license application to the Alabama Real Estate Commission (AREC). 

Be prepared to pay the required application fee, undergo a background check, and provide documentation of your education and exam results.

Step 6: Complete Post-License Education.

After obtaining your real estate license, you’ll need to complete post-license education within your first six months of licensure. 

This additional coursework, consisting of around 30 hours, delves deeper into the practical aspects of real estate transactions and agency relationships.

Step 7: Join a Realtor Association.

While it’s not mandatory, joining a Realtor association such as the Alabama Association of Realtors (AAR) or the National Association of Realtors (NAR) can offer valuable resources, networking opportunities, and credibility to your real estate career.

Step 8: Launch Your Real Estate Career.

With your license in hand and post-license education completed, you’re ready to kickstart your real estate career. Work closely with your sponsoring broker, build your client base, and leverage your knowledge and expertise to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals.


Becoming a real estate agent in Alabama is a well-defined process that requires dedication, education, and a commitment to ethical practices. 

By following these steps and continuously honing your skills, you can forge a successful and fulfilling career in Alabama’s vibrant real estate market. 

As you help clients find their dream homes or navigate property transactions, you’ll play a vital role in the state’s ever-evolving real estate landscape.

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