How To Shoot Real Estate Videos With Your Phone

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    on 27 November 2023

Video tours have become an immensely powerful marketing tool for today’s real estate agents and homeowners looking to sell or rent out their properties.

With the rise of video streaming platforms, engaging video content has never been more important in showcasing properties to prospective buyers or tenants.

Thankfully, shooting compelling real estate videos is simpler than ever thanks to the impressive video recording capabilities of our modern smartphones.

Gone are the days when professional video equipment was required to produce polished, high-quality property tours.

By understanding the basics and tapping into your smartphone’s camera and video features, you can create walkthroughs and promotional videos that truly showcase all that a property has to offer.

The key elements are proper planning, effective filming techniques and supplementary equipment like stabilization tools, lighting or microphones.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from pre-production through post-processing to help you take full advantage of your mobile device and start filming captivating real estate videos.

What are Real Estate Videos?

Real estate videos are videos created to showcase and market residential or commercial properties that are for sale or rent. They serve an important role in promoting properties online and engaging prospective buyers and tenants.

Some key things to know about real estate videos:

  • They visually showcase properties, allowing viewers to tour spaces virtually. They highlight property features, layouts, amenities and surrounding areas.
  • Videos often include narration with details about the home or location, room dimensions, special features, etc. Some capture interviews with realtors or homeowners.

So in short, real estate videos creatively showcase spaces and locations through virtual, video-based tours from multiple angles – aiming to best represent properties to prospective buyers and tenants online.

Why Should I Shoot Real Estate Videos With My Phone?

If you’re looking to sell or rent out a property, creating quality video tours has become practically a requirement to compete in the real estate landscape of 2023.

Why invest time filming real estate videos with your smartphone instead of more advanced equipment?

There are some compelling reasons mobile video production is the way to go.

1. Accessibility and Convenience.

The primary advantage of shooting real estate videos with your phone lies in its accessibility and convenience.

Whether you’re at a property tour, an open house, or on the go, your phone is readily available to capture impromptu moments, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to showcase a property.

2. Cost-Effectiveness.

Investing in high-end camera equipment can be a significant upfront cost.

Shooting with your phone eliminates the need for expensive cameras, lenses, and additional gear. This cost-effectiveness allows you to allocate resources to other aspects of your marketing strategy.

3. Ease of Use.

Smartphones are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible to individuals with varying levels of photography and videography expertise.

The intuitive nature of smartphone cameras allows you to focus more on the creative aspects of shooting rather than grappling with complicated settings.

4. Portability and Maneuverability.

Real estate professionals often find themselves in dynamic and varied environments.

The portability and manoeuvrability of a smartphone make it an ideal tool for capturing shots in tight spaces, corners, and unique angles that might be challenging with bulkier camera equipment.

5. Immediate Editing and Sharing.

Modern smartphones come equipped with powerful editing apps that allow you to refine your videos on the spot.

This immediacy enables you to edit, enhance, and share your videos in real-time, ensuring that you can capitalize on the timeliness of property promotions.

6. Advanced Hardware Capabilities.

Despite their size, even mid-range smartphones now pack excellent cameras with 4K video, image stabilization and HDR abilities.

Combine this hardware with intuitive editing apps and you’ve got a miniature production studio to craft compelling promotional reels on the fly.

Phones truly offer sophisticated tools that didn’t exist for professionals a decade ago, let alone average consumers trying their hand at video projects.

7. Integration with Social Media.

Shooting real estate videos with your phone seamlessly integrates with social media platforms, especially Instagram, where visual content is king.

The direct compatibility and ease of sharing from your phone to social media channels ensure swift and effective dissemination of your property videos.

8. Unmatched Convenience.

Smartphones provide incredible video quality while sliding effortlessly into your pocket.

Unlike clunky professional camcorders, your phone is always with you so property tours can be filmed spontaneously without difficult setup. Shooting handheld also allows movement flexibility impossible with tripods.

For realtors on tight schedules or homeowners new to video work, phone simplicity can’t be overstated.

How Do I Shoot Real Estate Videos With My Phone?

Video tours have cemented themselves as must-have marketing assets in selling or renting properties.

Thankfully, with the right mobile tools and techniques, dramatic real estate videos can be filmed directly from your smartphone.

Follow these tips to create gorgeous property tours right from your pocket.

1. Optimize Your Phone Settings.

Before you start shooting, take a moment to optimize your phone settings. Set your camera resolution to the highest available option, enable HDR (High Dynamic Range) for balanced exposures, and explore additional settings like gridlines and manual focus if your phone supports them.

2. Clean Your Lens.

It may seem simple, but a clean lens is crucial for capturing clear and sharp footage. Wipe your phone’s camera lens with a microfiber cloth to remove any smudges or fingerprints that could affect the quality of your videos.

3. Stabilize Your Shots.

While modern smartphones come equipped with built-in stabilization features, incorporating additional stabilization tools can further enhance the quality of your footage. Consider using a tripod or a handheld gimbal to achieve smooth and steady shots, especially during walkthroughs or panning scenes.

4. Plan Your Shots.

Planning is key to creating a cohesive and visually appealing real estate video. Create a shot list that outlines the key features you want to highlight, the angles you plan to capture, and any specific details you want to showcase. This will ensure you stay organized during the shoot.

5. Focus on Lighting.

Lighting plays a crucial role in the visual appeal of your real estate videos. Aim to shoot during daylight hours to leverage natural light. Be mindful of harsh shadows and experiment with different angles to find the most flattering lighting for each space.

6. Utilize Slow and Steady Movements.

Smooth and deliberate movements contribute to the professional look of your videos. Avoid quick and jerky motions, especially during pans and tilts. Move slowly and steadily to maintain a polished appearance in your footage.

7. Capture the Essence of Spaces.

As you move through different spaces, focus on capturing the essence of each room. Showcase unique features, highlight architectural details, and pan across panoramic views. Allow viewers to virtually experience the flow and atmosphere of the property.

8. Experiment with Different Angles.

Variety in your shots keeps the video engaging. Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and focal lengths to add depth and visual interest. Capture both wide shots that encompass entire rooms and close-ups that highlight specific details.

9. Add Context with Narration or Text Overlays.

Provide context and information about the property by incorporating narration or text overlays. Briefly introduce each room, mention key features, and share interesting details. This adds an informative layer to your video, guiding viewers through the property.

10. Use Editing Apps for Polish.

Take advantage of the myriad of video editing apps available for smartphones. Edit your footage to enhance colours, adjust exposure, and trim unnecessary segments. Add music or ambient sounds to create a more immersive experience for viewers.

11. Optimize for Social Media.

Keep in mind the platforms where you plan to share your videos, especially Instagram. Optimize your videos for social media by considering aspect ratios, video lengths, and other platform-specific requirements.

12. Promote a call to action.

Conclude your real estate video with a clear call to action. Invite viewers to schedule a showing, visit your website, or contact you for more information. Encourage engagement by prompting them to comment or share the video.


Shooting your real estate videos using just a smartphone may have seemed an overly ambitious task previously.

However, as this guide has shown, modern mobile technology makes visually advertising your properties through self-filmed video tours distinctly practical for today’s sellers.

While mastering professional cinematography capabilities takes great practice, quality video content that resonates with buyers is well within reach by understanding a few fundamentals.

Dynamic angles, stable movement, reliable lighting and intentional editing choices all lend a polished and enticing look to homemade reels.

Lean into mobile technology and harness video’s influence in your listing strategy.

Dynamic phone films could make a difference in successfully enticing ideal buyers and renters.

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